Syd Norman’s – Is this the Perfect Rock Bar at Sea?

Disclaimer – NCL invited myself and a group of travel writers onboard for a day to explore the Norwegian Breakaway, I was not paid to attend or write this article, I do because I want to bring more content to the Cruise Addicts Blog.

Syd Norman’s Pour House is one of the Breakaway’s newest features, it made it’s debut in May 2018 after the ship left a two-week dry dock in France. Formally known as Cats Jazz & Blues Club this area of the ship didn’t just get a decor update but more of a personality transplant. 

“From gritty brick walls to live rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll feel like you’re in one of LA’s legendary rock clubs. Sip on a Witchy Woman whilst chilling on The Waterfront. Quiz the bartender’s encyclopedic knowledge of everything from Axl to Mick. Belt the night away to classics you love because after all, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but you’ll like it!” – NCL

Syd Norman’s is modelled on leading rock houses such as The Rainbow, CBGBs and Fillmore, it’s dark and drab but inviting all at the same time, the band equipment is ready and waiting to blast out some cracking rock classics 6 nights a week thanks to the 5-person band onboard. The bar is also said to be a tribute to the grandfather of “Rock of Ages” play writer Chris D’Arenso which is perfect seeing as “Rock of Ages” is the showcase musical onboard the Breakaway. 

A few times a week the cast from the Musical “Rock of Ages” will treat guests to speciality cocktails named after classic Rock and Roll anthems such as “The Witchy Woman” in an interactive Syd Norman experience. 

The bar staff have an insane encyclopedic knowledge of all things rock and cocktails. Did you know Madonna made the Cosmopolitan famous and is the reason Europe began importing cranberry juice? No, we didn’t either until we sat down for a cocktail masterclass in Syd Norman’s. Martini’s are made the correct way here, stirred and NOT shaken so the martini isn’t watered down ensuring a soft and silky texture. The historic knowledge of cocktails will blow your mind and the drinks will blow your socks off! 

If like me, you like your classic rock then you should definitely pay Syd Norman’s a visit next time you’re onboard the Breakaway.

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