M is for Marella, D is for Discovery.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when boarding Marella Discovery but I was certainly surprised, she’s classier than I expected and the staterooms impressed me with their facilities and spaciousness. The staff are very friendly and the food and drink choices onboard are fantastic. Here are 26 things I’ve learnt about Marella – alphabet style!

A is for Accessibility

Marella Discovery has a number of adapted cabins available for their disabled passengers. There are balcony options where ramps are provided to give access to outside space, rooms with large wet rooms and ones with ample space around the beds for easy navigation around the cabin.

B is for Beautiful

You’ll certainly find beauty on the Discovery, whether it’s the garden under the stairs in Gallery 47 or the Willy Wonka style elevators that catch your eye. You’ll be sure to fall in love with her essence.

C is for Charm

Discovery used to be a Royal Caribbean ship before Tui took her on, you can still see a bit of the RCCL charm from her past life, mostly in the gorgeous atrium.

D is for Discovery

Aptly named the Discovery (Disco as she’s lovingly referred to) she will be sure to take you on an adventure of discoveries whether you’re sailing the Baltic seas, exploring the Mediterranean or immersing yourself into Asian culture.

E is for Entertainment

The Broadway Lounge theater has 11 unique shows including a high-tech dance show with light up LED costumes but if that’s not enough for you, you can enjoy movies under the stars, a late night disco in Bar Eleven, live music in the Atrium Bar or even participate in a family game show in the Venue. You’ll be spoilt for choice regardless of age or interest!

F is for Food

With seven different dining locations available onboard you’ll never run out of food choice. Fancy a snack? Head to the snack shack for things like bacon sarnies, chicken wings and grab-and-go sandwiches. Fancy a bit of pan-Asian cuisine? Kora La will sort you out! Or would you prefer a laid back breakfast/lunch, mid-afternoon nibble or late-night snack? Head to the Islands buffet where you’ll find everything from breakfast omelettes to roast dinners. Theres also a sushi bar, a steak house & of course the main dining room 47º and Gallery 47º which offers a floor to ceiling sea view along with delicious food.

G is for Golf

For some good old-fashioned family fun or a romantic date night you can enjoy the 9-hole mini-golf course available on the Marella Discovery.

H is for Hideout

The ultimate teens meet up spot! This room oozes cool with its plush seating and graffiti wall feature. Teens can hangout in the hideout, play karaoke and even record their own CD! It’s located right next to the games room, perfect for a late night console competition.

I is for Inclusive

Marella Discovery offers well over 100 drinks in it’s all inclusive fare so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cocktails, beers, wines and soft drinks. You can get access to the premium drinks too but I’ll talk about this a little further down. Also included in your cruisefare is food from various different venues.

J is for Jogging Track

If you’re conscious about your calorie intake when cruising you needn’t worry as you can take a run, jog or brisk walk around the Discovery’s jogging track and burn off those cookies, extra desserts and that cheeky pre-dinner snack!

K is for Kids Club

Marella Discovery has plenty going on for your little sailors. Teens can chill out in the hideout, kids can meet up and have a gamers session in the console room and babies can have a ball of a time in the play area.

L is for Live Room

Live room is probably the most atmospheric place onboard Discovery. With it’s bright decor and iconic yellow piano this is the place to go if you want a night of fun, music and great drinks. Live Room also has the biggest selection of on tap beers, cheers!

M is for Movies

Movies by Moonlight is a Marella first. Watch classics and the latest box office hits whilst you cuddle up under stars. You’ll even be provided with blankets, hot chocolate and popcorn. What a wonderful way to wind down.

N is for Navigate App

Navigate is Marella’s app for everything cruise. You can book a slot at your favourite restaurant, book an excursion or a spa treatment from the comfort of your cabin or just see whats happening onboard on a particular day, you can even access your most recent bill with the touch of a button. The Navigate app is completely free and doesn’t even require a connection to the ships WiFi network. Fab!

O is for Ocean Spa and Beauty

Fancy a full body massage or a cheeky facial? Be sure to visit the Ocean Spa, you can indulge in all sorts of treatments including teeth whitening! If you like to get glammed up for dress to impress night then you can pay the Beauty Salon a visit and get your hair and make up done for you!

P is for Pools

The Discovery has two main pools, an open-air pool for all ages and an indoor pool with a huge glass canopy and plenty of comfortable loungers for relaxing on.

Q is for Quality

It’s not about quantity on the Marella Discovery, with a passenger capacity of 1830 they’re on the smaller end of cruise ships and personally I think its a really good number. My first cruise was around 2000 capacity and my biggest has been almost 4400 and I genuinely prefer the smaller ships.

R is for Retail Therapy

Marella doesn’t disappoint on the shopping front either, there are plenty of shops to choose from. I like to buy a handbag when I go on a cruise, I think the prices are very reasonable and it’s the perfect thing to take home to remind me of my cruise. Men might like to indulge in a little wrist-wear from the likes of Tag Here or Longines (to mention but a few) You’ll find brands like Guess and Radley and if you really wanted to you could even purchase an iPad onboard!

S is for Suites

I actually nearly fell over when I first walked into the Discovery Suite, It just blew me away. The first thing you see when you enter is the sparkling white grand piano and perfectly oiled wood interiors, its lush! The sink is gold, purely for aesthetic reasons but it sure is dreamy. The bathroom is bigger than some staterooms and you have your own bar, living room area and dining table. If you can afford it, go for it I say!

T is for Theater

With 11 unique shows on offer and an 800+ capacity the Broadway Show Lounge promises an authentic theatre experience. The entertainment team work incredibly hard to give you some of the best shows at sea like the spectacular Beatz Interactive, the high paced dance show complete with LED costumes.

U is for Unlimited drinks

Marella Discovery cruises come with all inclusive drinks like beer, wines, spirits and soda. Discovery is one of 3 Marella ships that currently offers All inclusive and all the fleet will offer this from May 2019. There are some exceptions to the All Inclusive drinks which come with an extra charge, however… you can upgrade for next to nothing!

V is for Value

As I was telling you above, Marella have some premium drinks that aren’t included in your all inclusive fare (like cans of soda or special cocktails etc) but when I found out how much it was to upgrade to a premium drinks package my jaw almost hit the floor. For just £50 per person, per WEEK!!! you can get any drink you like from the premium drinks list plus any of the all inclusive drinks. This is by far the cheapest premium drinks package I’ve ever seen, you’d pay £50 per person, per day on most cruise lines, so for me that’s a total bargain!

W is for Wall

Fancy a bit of a thrill? Discovery has an onboard climbing wall for you to take on. It’s oddly positioned looking over the adults only area but I suppose its a good way for the kids to check mum and dad are behaving!

X is for X…scape room

Its actually called the Breakout Challenge but I needed something for X (full disclosure) Here you’ll have to work as a team to solve puzzles and find clues before a timer runs out and locks you in the room infinitely. (not really but try to beat the timer, ok?) Its worth noting that this activity isn’t included in your fare and comes with a surcharge.

Y is for Yellow Piano

The signature yellow piano is located in the Live Room and is an icon onboard the discovery. Start your evening by ordering a cocktail and listening to her beautiful sounds whilst you enjoy the atmospheric Live Room.

Z is for (Gamer) Zone

Enjoy a blast on the games console? Fear not, Discovery has you covered on that too! Adults and kids can all come along to the Gamer Zone to play to their hearts content. There are plenty of consoles too so don’t worry about not getting a turn!

So that is my A – Z of Marella Discovery. Just for clarity and so I know I’ve been totally honest with you all, Marella ran a competition for our group (Cruise Addicts Community) to allow a few of us onboard for the day and I was invited onboard as host. I didn’t pay for the opportunity but I also wasn’t asked to write about my experience, I just did because I want to bring more cruise content to our Community and this blog and because I am a total CRUISE ADDICT!

Thanks to you, my readers, I’ve been shortlisted for Favourite Cruise Blogger of the Year in the Wave Awards 2019. If you’ve enjoyed my blogs it would mean so much to me if you could take a minute to vote for me (Rebecca Hardy – Cruise Addict Blog) here – http://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/vote/

Thanks for all your continued support!

Rebecca x

(Header photo credit goes to Andrew Mcalpine)

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