Cruising IS Amonst the Safest Ways to Travel

After reading recent reports about Kay Longstaff the 46-year old passenger who went over board on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship I wanted to write a piece outlining just how safe cruise ships are these days and how unlikely it is that this will happen to anybody acting responsibly whilst cruising.

To put things into perspective, 27 million people cruised last year and there were 17 reported cases of man over board, that’s less than 1 in a million chance of this happening to you if you’re behaving responsibly.

Cruise ships have minimum height regulations they have to abide by when it comes to the deck and balcony railings meaning it is practically impossible to fall overboard when acting responsibly. The most common reasons a person goes over board include acting irresponsibly and jumping over themselves.

Andy Harmer the director of CLIA UK said “Cruise ships today are the safest that ever sailed, thanks to the rules, regulations and technological innovations that govern their design,” He added “There are no known cases of someone acting responsibly who has accidentally fallen over the railing of a cruise ship.” He also made comments on the steps cruise lines take to ensure passenger safety stating “The average ship undergoes dozens of announced and unannounced safety inspections per year, involving hundreds of man-hours and covering thousands of specific requirements set by the International Maritime Organization”

@CLIAUK tweeted about the Kay Longstaff incident “We were shocked to hear of the recent incident and are relieved that Kay is safe and well. This type of occurrence is incredibly rare and cruising is among the safest travel options available today, thanks to robust regulation and investment in passenger security onboard.”

Acting responsibly whilst cruising ensures your safety, don’t drink excessively, know your limits and if you’re concerned about a fellow passenger then do report it to someone.

By Rebecca Hardy – Cruise Addicts Blog

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