33 Embarrassing Moments Suffered by Cruise Addicts

Cruising can be the most fun, relaxing and best way to travel but sometimes it’s also a recipe for utter embarrassment. We’ve compiled a list of the most embarrassing situations that members of Cruise Addicts – Rate, Rant & Review have got themselves into. We’ve been crying with laughter reading through these, I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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On one cruise the room Stewart came in our stateroom and I had see-though pyjamas on… My husband forgot to lock the door!!

– Connie B

Whilst walking around a demonstration of the hotel and services in the atrium I linked arms with who I thought was my husband and I proceeded to say it was all a tad boring… when I looked round at him it was the Captain looking at me smiling… ooops! My husband was watching bed making…

– Susan-Jane S

I was looking at something off in the distance and walked into a glass door, hard!

– Charity H

Did the splits at the Quest gameshow (I should really stop volunteering for the quest) No one in my team offered themselves up so I decided I could get away with a sort of half split, I went into it a little too enthusiastically and managed a full split… I hobbled around for the rest of the cruise with everyone recognising me and congratulating me on the win!

– Kayleigh L

I once threw up at the dinner table on the first formal night of our first cruise. The son of the family we were sharing the table with sat at the other end of the table the next night!

– Alison K

Having to explain to the cabin steward that I slept on the chocolate and that’s why the bed was covered from head to foot in chocolate, I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea!

– Carol P

My most embarrassing moment came when I was a pier-runner, I had an audience cheering me on as I was running and the cruise director got on intercom and told everyone if they see me to say hi. We laughed so much! Needless to say it was my first cruise, 5 cruises later I have learnt my lesson…
– Rhonda R

I used to work on the Star Princess and once dropped the champagne tower at the Captains reception, after that everyone knew me and I got lots of tips because passenger felt sorry for me.
– Tanya E

I popped to the toilet during a show and upon my return I walked down the length of the theatre on Arcadia with my pleated skirt caught in my knickers, a kind lady pointed out when I got to the front!
– Sue N

I once spilled an entire glass of red wine onto the guest sitting next to me at a wine tasting, absolutely mortified! She was very kind about it but I did ensure her clothes were cleaned at my cost.
– Vivian

When they ask if you want to sit on captains table and wife replies “we’re not paying all this money for a cruise to be put on the same table as the crew!”

– Wayne T

I got dressed in the dark early one morning trying not to wake my husband up. I went up to get a cup of tea in the buffet, sat chatting to other passengers, got another cup of tea. Only two hours later when I went to the toilet did I realise I was wearing my jeans back to front! On the same cruise I confused the dates and thought it was Halloween the day before it actually was so I dressed in my black outfit, had my Halloween make up on, only after dinner did I realise my mistake. Weirdly, no-one remarked on my appearance, assume they thought I dressed as a goth all the time! Not bad pulling that off at 64!
– Christine F

Getting my now fiancee so drunk he threw up all through the bathroom, with blood.
I just wanted him to let his hair down not nearly kill him!
– Lisa K

My most embarrassing moment came when I opened the cabin door thinking it was the bathroom!
– Tim JT

I was drinking in the whiskey bar and went to the toilet, when I came back I slapped my husband over the head and said “why have ya let them take my drink” only to realise my husband was at the next table! Poor man didn’t know what hit him.
– Angela N

The first time we had a balcony cabin I enjoyed it so much I liked to go and stand on the balcony as nature intended, one day I was just a little too tempted and lent to look over the side, I happen to look to my right and about 5 cabins up on a level was the bridge with 3 offices looking straight at me!
– Helen D

I’d had a few drinks too many and on the way back to the cabin I was wishing everyone I saw a “Happy Birthday” and proceeded to serenade my own rendition of happy birthday to a couple in the elevator, apparently my sister was laughing too hard to stop me! The next evening we were sat down in Crooners bar and the couple I serenaded were at the table next to us!
– Allison K

Falling down the stairs on Queen Victoria and landing at the feet of three very handsome young men. They turned out to be the following evening’s guest entertainment!
– Betsy-Jane L

Having one too many martinis and throwing up in a public bathroom, I was kneeling on the floor while people were walking in and out, I then passed out on an outside chair and woke up in my own bed with no memory how I got there! I should note, I NEVER throw up from drinking because I am NOT a big partier, so that was very rare. I hate drinking too much! I usually have 2-3 drinks at the most! I had also been talking in a loud English accent to EVERYONE at the bar and when someone asked me where I was from I said “Rhode Island.”

– Melanie M

The stateroom door shut behind whilst I was putting the suitcase out ready for disembarkation, no door card, no shoes and I was wearing my pyjamas
– Lynne W

I was going up some outside stairs on our first cruise wearing a long dress closely followed by the husband of a lady we had just met, the wind caught the bottom of my dress and blew it up over my head revealing my spanks!! I was so embarrassed.
– Kath C

We once found a man completely starkers in the corridor, he must have opened the wrong door for the loo! He couldn’t remember his cabin number so someone got him a towel from their cabin and rang reception for him. Very embarrassing!
– Carol P

I was trying to adjust my bikini top after my partner had tied it too tight and the wind caught it and it was flapping about baring everything to everyone! I showed the top deck my top deck!!!!
– Lisa L

I went on the balcony with my rollers in and the captain was waving to me!!
– Ann D

My husband took a dump in the toilet and it wouldn’t flush so we reported it to guest services and left the ship for the day hoping for the best!
– Samantha M

I got sea sickness because the weather was so bad and before I could make it to my room I started vomiting, I was so embarrassed!
– Barbara G

Answering the door with this face mask on to accept room service on Britannia.
– Lisa L

Beeing a pier-runner in the Bahamas, the gate was going up and we were in the shopping area of the port, I’ve never run so fast in my whole life!

– Stephane M

I was having had a very interesting conversation with a good looking officer and saying “so who are you?” his reply was “the Captain” typical of me!
– Sandra H

Getting out of the shower holding just a towel in front of me I opened the cabin door (thinking it was my family knocking) It was the cabin steward, he looked at me strangely and said he’d come back, when I turned around I realized the back-wall was a mirror!
– Julie T

We went into the laundry room and it was really full so we quickly backed out. I said to my husband that I had seen another laundry room back around the other passageway, so off we went and as we opened the door we realized it was the same laundry! The people in there all stopped talking and just stared at us. We had a laugh anyway.
– Jill M

We were sailing north of Iceland and it was chucking it down with rain, the sea was rough and I am prone to sea sickness but I had taken my tablets so I was feeling fine apart from a bit dopey and not able to balance properly while I was standing still. Later on I was having a chat with the captain and I lost my balance and nearly fell onto him!
– Jacqueline M

Whilst wearing my Marilyn Monroe style dress coming out of the theatre someone opened the door to the deck and let in a gust of wind. I had a glass of wine in one hand, my clutch in the other and suffice to say I had my own Marilyn moment! There were tonnes of people around as we were all piling out of the theatre and three ladies behind me yelled ‘skirt alert, ohh cute undies!’ My friend just about pee’d herself laughing!
– Dar O

So if we’ve learnt anything from this post it is to make sure you don’t sleep on those little chocolates, wear pretty underwear with dresses and skirts, check who you link arms with and DON’T MISS THE SHIP!!!

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