The Best Cruising Tips from Cruise Addicts

The amazing community of ‘Cruise Addicts – Rate Rant & Review‘ have come up with a fabulous list of tips so you can get the best out of your cruises. Have a read and if you think we’ve missed anything then let us know in the comments and we can get it added to the list!

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Here goes…

Don’t go looking for faults, it can spoil a cruise. Enjoy every cruise for its differences.

Pack a drinks bottle/flask, you can fill it with cold drinks from the buffet or a coffee to take ashore with you.

Highlight the activities you’d like to do on your daily planner and take it out with you for the day/night so you don’t forget what’s on and when. There’s so much to do on board it’s easy to miss something you really wanted to do.

Put swimwear in your hand luggage so you can have a swim even if your cases haven’t arrived.

Don’t queue up for guest services as soon as you board the ship, it will be busy. Use the stateroom phone for requests like pillows or bed arrangements, if you need to speak with someone face-to-face you could ask your stateroom attendant or take a trip to guest services a little later on when things have calmed down a little.

Do your research before and look at passengers comments on cruise groups (like this one) before booking your next cruise. What’s bad for one person might be good for another so it’s worth reading all types of reviews not just the good. If you can’t find an answer to something then pop a post in the cruise addicts group and someone will know the answer.

Research ports because excursions can be expensive. By doing your research you can find alternatives that could save you hundreds of pounds on your cruise holiday.

Going to the Norwegian Fjords? Read this post for loads of alternatives to expensive excursions in Norway.

Pack clothes then halve them so each traveller has some clothes in each suitcase, that way if a case should go missing no-one will be left without any clothes.

When you get off the ship for the day take your daily planner with you as each day they uodate them with the port authority numbers to contact in case there is a problem getting back to the ship or an emergency.

Take non slip coat hangers for washing and drip drying clothes in the shower.

Save your case space, don’t take towels, you won’t need them on a cruise as there will be plenty.

Want more cruise packing tips? Read this.

Dont get stuck when it comes to packing up to leave your cruise, bring an extra bag to put any gifts or shopping you’ve bought along the way.

Attend all the free cocktail parties, check the daily planner to see what’s happening and where and go for the freebies.

Want more money saving cruise tips? Check out this guide.

Take some small magnetic clips/hooks to keep your paperwork, excursion tickets and invitations on the wall. The walls of cruise staterooms are almost always magnetic and this can save you using precious surface space in your stateroom.

Take a small fan for your cabin, its helps when you’re getting ready for dinner and it’s nice to have air moving around.

Take sealed sandwich bags, they’re good for taking biscuits ashore, wet flannels for clean-ups and lots more. Please reuse these bags and when you can no longer reuse them dispose of them correctly, we can all do our bit for the environment and protect our precious seas from more litter.

For more must have items every cruise addict should be packing, click here.

Take medication like ibuprofen, paracetamol, tablets for dehydration or anything else you might need because buying medication on board can be very expensive.

If you require vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free food or have an allergy or intolerance speak with the head waiter/waitress in the main dining room when you first board, they can help you pre-order food that might not otherwise be on the menu.

You can find lots of information and tips on cruising Gluten-free here

And if you’re a Vegan cruiser Sanna has lots of tips you can read here

Bring a small night light for when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night then you won’t have to be fully woken up by the bright bathroom light.

Don’t forget your chargers/leads/adapters, you can buy more on board but they can be very expensive. If you do forget your adapter some stateroom phones have a hidden usb port you can use to charge devices until you purchase an adapter.

Wash your hands at every opportunity, it’s easy to pick up bugs when there are so many people in a confined space. You can take your own hand sanitizer with you to ensure you always have access to it too.

If your loyal to one particular cruise line, join their loyalty programme to take advantage of freebies like spa treatments, free ice creams and much more!

Treat the crew with respect, they work so hard to make your cruise a special experience and kindness can go a long way. Some members have even reported cocktails disappearing from there bills after being friendly with cruise staff.

Cruise Addicts interviewed a deck cadet to give you an insight into what life is like working on a cruise ship, you can read it here.

Don’t miss the boat! Just don’t…

Relax & enjoy you cruise, there’s no better way to travel in our opinion!🛳

Thanks for reading,

From Rebecca & all the Cruise Addicts!

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