Cruise Addicts Reviews – 6 Different Staterooms on Norwegian Jade

You might have seen my posts in Cruise Addicts – Rate Rant & Review about being invited on the Norwegian Jade when she was docked in Southampton. It was Fathers day and we had both boys with us so we were worried they would get fed up and the whole thing would be super stressful but we needn’t have worried because we had a fabulous day exploring the Jade. I want to give you an insight into what she has to offer us cruise addicts so I’m going to be writing a series of blogs about the things we found onboard and what we thought of the experience as a whole.

In this first blog I’m going to give you the low down on the different staterooms there are on Norwegian Jade. We viewed six different stateroom styles, an inside, outside, balcony, mini suite, garden villa and an owners suite. So here we go…


Inside cabins really are quite small but if you’re a couple sharing you’d be fine.(there are Pullman options for accommodating families) Same as all the staterooms on Jade the insides are beautifully decorated and very stylish. I quite liked this stateroom and liked the idea of peacefulness and total darkness that you’d get in the evenings. The bathrooms are a good size and nicely set out.


An oceanview stateroom will give you slightly more space than you’d get with an inside. The window is behind your bed when set out as a double bed or inbetween beds if you have them as two singles. Some oceanviews have a porthole window which is really small and others have a much larger one so it’s worth asking about the window size when booking a specific cabin. I like that the bathrooms are quite spacious in these cabins too. Pullmans also available in some cabins.


Balcony staterooms are about the same size as the oceanviews but are laid out differently. They offer an additional bed where the sofa unfolds and a Pullman that lowers down from the roof however it is worth noting that the pullmans come down infront of the balcony doors so once the beds are put out you can’t get out on to the balcony easily. Again they are well decorated and the bathroom is a good size here too. The balconies are on the small side but will make a fantastic addition to your cruise (you can’t beat breakfast on your balcony can you?!)

Mini suite

Theres lots more space in the mini suites and I think these make fantastic cabins for families. The sofa unfolds into another double bed and there is a curtain that separates the two beds giving you a little bit of privacy in the evening. The balconies are larger and have 2 seats and a little table too. Mini suites also have a good amount of wardrobe space and a big bathroom with the addition of a bath.

Garden Villa

An unbelievable amount of space, its not exactly necessary but if you do want to spoil yourselves then this is the “cabin” for you. It has 3 separate bedrooms with balconies. This villa will comfortably sleep upto 8 guests and comes with loads of garden space. There’s two levels to the garden, downstairs has the hot tub and a seating area and upstairs has loads of room for sunbathing or it could be an area for the children to play. Includes access to the Haven courtyard, a butler and concierge service too, what more could you ask for?!

I’ve reviewed this cabin and the video is over on my YouTube channel. Take a look and don’t forget to subscribe!

Owners suite

This suite screams class, its lovely and spacious, perfect for relaxing in after an evening onboard the Jade. There’s a generous amount of balcony space (3x what you’d get in a mini suite) and a large living area complete with chaise longue, lush! There’s a walk in wardrobe with tonnes of space for all your suits and gowns and a huge bathroom with bath, shower, toilet and his & hers sinks. Like the Garden Villa the owners suite also includes access to the Haven courtyard, a butler and concierge service.

What do I think…?

“I loved all the staterooms on the Jade but if I had to pick which one I’d book it’d be the mini suite, just because we’re a family of 4 and I’d like the extra space for when we’re in the cabin with the boys and a bath is really handy when cruising with kids.”

– Becky

Have you been on NCL Jade? Tell us what you thought about your cabin below!

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