Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean Arcade

If you thought there was even a possibility that your kids could get bored on a Royal Caribbean cruise then I’m sorry to inform you but you’re mistaken!

If we just forget about the Flowrider, wall climbing, Skypad & laser tag for a minute we can explore the hidden gem that is the Adventure Ocean Arcade…

It doesn’t look like much as you walk in but it just seems to open up to an endless supply of fun. There’s loads of games which you play to win tickets which can then be exchanged for prizes available at the prize machine.

There’s a few grabber machines too so you can try your luck at winning a little keepsake from the cruise.

We saw tonnes of shoot-em-ups, sports, driving/motorcycle games and two-player competitor games, so lots for daddy to get involved with here!

On our visit to the arcade we saw lots of lovely grandparents who looked to have been dragged from their sun loungers to assist their grandchildren in funding their little arcade spree. It costs around $1-$2 to play on most of the games so it’s not too pricey and a great negotiating tool to get the kids to come along to formal evening!!

The arcade is perfect for all ages and will kill some time on a rainy day. (if you’re unlucky enough to experience one!) It’s also a great place for kids onboard to arrange a meet up and socialise in a fun environment.

Thanks for reading!

Becky & Eli 💕

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