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As you’ll have seen over the past few months, I’ve started my blog about traveling and cruising with a baby. I’m loving telling you about mine and Elijah’s experiences, amongst other things.

It seems to have caught the attention of advertisers, some who’d like me to present their products to my audience of cruise addicts & mothers.

One advertiser in particular really played on my mind…

They offered me an all expenses paid family day out as well as paying me a sum of money for recommending their children’s follow-on milk..

You may or may not know but I am a nursing mother. I believe strongly that breastfeeding needs more spokespeople and new mothers need more support instead of breastfeeding being made out to be non-essential before it’s even begun. Sadly I was told “don’t get your hopes up” and “you might not be able to do it” and I felt deflated before my baby was even here, all I could think was “my body is made to nurse why am I being told it might not be fit for purpose”

Fortunately I’m quite a determined woman and when I get something in my head I become quite stubborn. Luckily I had amazing support in the hospital (not from the childless breastfeeding support workers) but from a die-hard breastfeeding mum/midwife called Fiona. Her passion for nursing has since inspired me to help others and encourage new mums to give it a go!

Breastfeeding has strengthened my bond with my son and with my other half, Lee is so supportive and even tells others the benefits of breastfeeding and why he loves it.. mainly because neither of us have to get up in the night to make bottles so we sleep SOOO well for new parents. I’m proud that my stepson and many nieces and nephews see breastfeeding as normal and will see Eli whinging and proclaim “He wants boobie!” This makes my heart so full.

So, back on subject…

When I recieved the email offering me an all expenses trip with my little family and to be paid for it too, my eyes widened. As I read on my heart sank when I saw the product, I knew there and then I couldn’t even consider it.

Follow on milk can be advertised legally but formula for newborns cannot. I believe follow on milk is a made up concept to enable companies to advertise their brand of formula milks. If I was to advertise their brand and a new mum decided not to nurse based on my recommendation of formula I would be heart broken.

As much as advertising from time to time will enable me to travel and cruise more often which in turn means I can bring you more blogs, vlogs and beautiful images, I cannot go against what I believe in and sell my soul to get where I want to be.

I’m an advocate for nursing and to promote this would have been putting money before my morals and that’s not something that sits well with me. I’ll reach my goals because I’m determined not because I went against I believe is right.

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Becky & Eli x

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