Why I’ve Decided to Blog

I personally believe there isn’t enough information on what you can do with your babies on cruise ships and I want to change that!

Since having my son Elijah I felt like cruising might be off the cards for a while. I thought it’d be impossible to entertain a baby on a cruise, what could I possibly do with him!? So when I won a cruise with Royal Caribbean it spurred me on to take him on his first and start this blog to inform other parents and grandparents on what’s available onboard for the smaller kiddies in their lives.

We all know most lines have baby sitting/nursery facilities, great… for an evening but what about when you want quality family time on your cruise?

I’m going to share my experiences of different cruise lines and what’s available for your babies and children, talk you through each cruise lines pro’s & con’s, tell you what the staff are like with kids, what food is suitable for smaller mouths and wether or not I’d recommend taking your babies aboard their cruise ships.

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Thanks for reading!

Becky & Eli 💕

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One thought on “Why I’ve Decided to Blog

  1. Sounds great Becky, I look forward to reading yours & Eli’s future blogs !!

    Cruising with kids is so much fun and relaxing, we took our two both when they were 6 months old on their first cruises and haven’t stopped since as they love it and we love it so much 😊

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