Cruise Countdown – One Week To Go πŸ›³


It’s one week till we set off for Indy, one week till I get my fiance hooked on cruises, one week till my son gets his sea legs, one week to go!!!

Its also time to start packing… I think I’m quite relaxed when it comes to packing, I’m a last minute kinda girl. Today I went shopping for a few tops and some shorts in Sainsbury’s, I love their TU clothing as it has LOADS of nursing friendly clothing, perfect when I need to feed Eli on the go next week.

Loving the holiday vibes this jumpsuit is giving off.

We’re planning to drive down the night before. Travelling with a 7 month old is hit and miss at the best of times but long distance travelling with a 7 month old? Well it could go either way.

Elijah is an easy baby in my opinion, we did a 4 hour drive to Wales when he was only a couple of months old and he didn’t cry once on the way down, we only had to stop off half way as he was due a feed, so fingers crossed we have an equally uneventful trip to Southampton but even if we don’t atleast there’s very little chance we’ll miss our ship as we’re giving ourselves plenty of time.

We’re booked in at the IBIS budget in Southampton, I chose this one as I knew we could check in at anytime and like I said its hit and miss travelling with a baby so this means we can stop off as many times as we need along the way and not have to worry about missing any check in deadlines. It’s just an 11 minute drive to the port too, so a taxi there isn’t going to cost the earth. I’ll update you on our stay here and what it’s like using IBIS with a baby.

Online check in for the cruise has blown my mind! I’ve never had to do this for myself before so I’m waiting for the expert (my step-mum Viola) to return from her trip to Wales so I can pop over and let her show me the ropes. I only have 4 days to get this done, ooops! Last minute job… Typical me.

Ladies and gentlemen, here she is… My original cruise-buddy, pro packer and online check-in expert, Viola!

You’ll likely hear more from me in the run up to this cruise.

You can find me on Instagram- @cruiseaddictblog where I’ll be doing some live videos of the newly refurbished Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas πŸ›³πŸ˜

Join us in our Cruise Addicts Group if you haven’t already!

Sea you soon!🌊

Becky x

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