*BLOG POST* Saving for Our Next Cruise

My next Cruise is also my first proper family cruise. Me, Lee and the boys off on our first voyage, I literally can’t wait! The only thing stopping us is savings.

(Picture of the boys cause they’re just so perfect)

I acknowledge we spend money on unnecessary items, on-the-go coffees, a meal deal here and there, that “must-have” teething toy for Eli or a cheeky Xbox game for Seth. So those are the things we can cut down on…

I’m also in the process of playing around with our household bills, we’ve switched to broadband only, smart meter is installed and I’m keeping an eye on our gas and electricity usage. So that’s all in control but I needed a method of saving that felt “easy” and didn’t make me feel like I’m losing out.

Just by chance I found Plum, it’s such a clever little bot! It’s completely accessible via Facebook messenger. What Plum does is take an amount from your account every 4-5 days via direct debit and places it into savings. It’s linked to your online banking so knows what bills come out and when and won’t take any money that’s reserved for bills. It’ll also know if you’ve been paid more one month and take more for savings when there’s more available. It’s amazing because it only takes little amounts throughout the month so it’s never really noticed!

It’s also easy to withdraw your savings, just a click of the button through the plum tab in Facebook messenger. There’s an option to invest too but I’m only interested in the no-risk savings to be honest.

It’s easy to save £90-£100 in an average month, I’ll have a hefty cruise deposit in no time!

Click here to see what it’s all about.

Have you got Plum already? How did you find the method of saving?

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