We all know how tempting that 24 hour buffet is and we all know how easy it is to gain weight on a cruise… but thats what it’s all about isn’t it?! A pre-cruise diet is something I’m sure most of us have tried. Diet plans haven’t worked for me in the past so I’ve decided to switch things up and do it my way. Here goes!

I’ve had 5 weeks notice to lose a bit of my post-baby weight, it feels like an impossible task but I thought I’d share with you what I’m doing…

I’ve started by changing my eating habits to those of a diabetic person. Less high GI foods and more protein and fats. My go-to food at lunchtime has been eggs, crustless quiche, omelette, egg mayo salad, eggs eggs eggs!

I used to turn my nose up at the idea of making smoothies for breakfast but they’re actually delicious and easy… frozen berries, fat free Greek style yoghurt, banana, oats, quick blitz, done! I’m totally in love with how these taste and prefer them to porridge now.

My evening meal consists of meat, veggies and carbs with a low GI. (rice, wholegrain pasta ect) I’m trying to make this meal more exciting by adding spices to my food, I almost blew my head off last night thanks to the cayenne pepper powder🔥🔥🔥crikey!

I’m keeping exercise simple because I’ve never been very active, before Elijah was born I could eat whatever I pleased and my weight just stayed the same… if only that was the case now! I’m doing sit-ups for the mum-tum and squats for my thunderous thighs 🙈 repetitions of 25, 3-4 times a day. I’m also going for a brisk walk around our local country park every other evening, it’s only 4 kilometres but it gets the heart rate going!

The only “aid” I use is a tummy trainer which I wear whenever I’m home. It doesn’t help with the weight loss unfortunately but it does help flatten my tummy. My son was born via emergency c-section so as expected my stomach now has a little pouch above the scar. Combined with the excersize I should be back in my bikinis in time for the cruise, I’m dying to try the Flowrider on Indy so cross your fingers for me!!

I’ll update you on my weight loss in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading,


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Losing Weight for the Cruise – MY WAY!

4 thoughts on “Losing Weight for the Cruise – MY WAY!

  1. I’ve been following this type of diet since Mid January. I can honestly say it is the easiest diet I’ve ever tried. A completely new way of eating that seems the opposite of anything I’ve bren told on a diet before. I’ve lost almost two stone – and that’s with a week’s cruise over Easter, where I ate everything in sight! I have not been hungry at all, and feel like I can follow this way of eating forever. I’ve had the occasional treat or meal out, but maybe this time I’ll manage to lose enough to really look different. I hope so.
    I wish you all the best in your dieting journey.

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