5 Essentials for your next Cruise πŸ›³

I’ve compiled a list of 5 must-have items every Cruise Addict should be taking on their next cruise. Have a look and let me know what you think below. Also, don’t forget to pop your email in the box below and subscribe to our blog. 😊

Sea bands

Perfect if the “motion of the ocean” really sets your tummy off 🀒 A stud is attached to the inside of the Sea-Band which stimulate and puts pressure on the P6 pressure point. It’s proven that pressure here relieves sickness and vomiting.


Magnetic Hooks & Clip


We all know that space in staterooms is limited… but we also know all stateroom walls are made of metal, making these little beauties very useful!

These clips can hold your key-card safe whilst you’re in the room, pop the itinerary on the wall or even leave a little personal note/tip/treat for your room attendant.

These hooks are great for hanging hats, jackets, lanyards or anything else you’re struggling to find hanging space for. You can even use them to hang a room divider, these are a must-have in my opinion.


Some love them, others hate them. Personally, I’m a huge fan. I’m forever losing my card and if I haven’t lost it I’ve put it near my mobile and demagnetized it… I’m locked out and have to walk to guest services, queue up and get a new one. A lanyard keeps it safe around your neck and away from the pesky mobile phone.

Even better you can now get leather lanyards which look incredibly good on anyone!

Here is the lanyard I use, it’s great quality and an even better price. You could always opt for something a little more colourful like this one!


Simple but effective!

We all know there’s loads to do onboard, daily itineraries are almost always packed with activities and it’s easy to forget what’s on and when.

Solution: pack some highlighters. (These pastel colours are my favourites)

When your itinerary is left in your stateroom the night before, have a sit down and highlight the activities you don’t want to miss out on.

Take a picture on your phone and off you go! You’ll never miss an activity/talk/show again!

Spandex for your Suitcases

Love these!

Great for locating your suitcase amongst the sea of cases when you’ve disembarked. You can pick from endless patterns that’ll make it really stand out. (some people even have their own faces printed on them πŸ˜‚ not sure I’d opt for that personally) They also keep expensive suitcases clean and newer for longer. Another great reason to pop one of these over your suitcase is the reassurance your case will not burst open at any point between dropping it off at the port/airport and receiving it outside your stateroom. Fab, fab, fab!

I found 3 perfect pattern for us cruise addicts 😍

Anchor Pattern

I ❀ Sea Pattern

Nautical Pattern

Thanks for reading. Let me know if there’s anything you can’t sail without in the comments below.

Sea you again soon 🌊


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