Cruise Competitions – Can you win them?

Does anybody ever “Win a Cruise”?

In a word…. YES!

I’ve seen other blogs in the past talking about “real life winners” and “I knew a guy who knew a guy who won”

I’ve also recently read a friend of mine’s blog about all the current competitions you can enter, see link –

So, when I came across Broadway Travel Cruises competition to win a Cruise on Independence of the Seas I felt I had to give it a shot!

All I had to do to be in with a chance was “like & share” easy peasy! I tagged my sister just so she could enter (if she won she’d have to take me, it’s only fair right?)

After that I didn’t think much of the competition, I got on with life as a first time mom. Easter Holidays came around and my and my other half cracked on with Easter egg hunts for my stepson and weaning the little one onto his solids, fun fun fun!

So imagine my face when a week later at 10.30am I’m video calling my sister (the same one I talked about tagging in the competition) and we’re talking about teething toys, weaning & the joys of motherhood… I said “one second Gem I’m just checking Facebook I’ve had a notification”

That’s when I saw “Broadway Travel Cruise have replied to your comment” hmm… *click* and then I read it…

“Becky, we have some news… You’re a winner! If you drop us an inbox, we’ll get all the details sorted for you – well done! ^LS”

I screamed… over and over again “I’VE WON A CRUISE GEM, I’VE WON A CRUISE!” This was followed by a few minutes worth of inaudable shrieks… my poor sister.

I could hardly believe my luck but it was true, I’d actually won!

So that’s my story.

My advice? Do it! Enter that competition. Always make sure the source is legitimate before you do but once your sure, why not!? You could be going on a free cruise like me!

Now I can’t wait to show you guys the newly refurbished Independence of the Seas 🛳

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Thanks for reading!


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