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33 Embarrassing Moments Suffered by Cruise Addicts

Cruising can be the most fun, relaxing & best way to travel but sometimes it is also a recipe for utter embarrassment. I’ve compiled a list of the most embarrassing situations that members of Cruise Addicts – Rate, Rant & Review have got themselves into. I’ve been crying with laughter reading through these, I hope […]

A Cruise Addicts Guide to Exploring the Norwegian Fjords

I know how hard it can be researching an upcoming cruise when you’re planning on arranging all your own excursions, so I’ve complied a list of tried and tested activities in some of Norway’s most popular ports, as recommended by the amazing members of Cruise Addicts – Rate Rant & Review. I’ve added links to […]

The 3 Bags You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Next Cruise!

I’m sure you’ve all been watching Cruising with Jane Mcdonald Friday nights. Aside from the beautiful ships and gorgeous ports you may have noticed Janes fabulous bag collection. Jane loves her handbags, especially her Mia Tui bags, so much so that you’ll often see her sporting 3 or more in just one episode of “Cruising […]